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Solution to pioneer a more sustainable way of producing Napapijri garments




Clothing brand, Napapijri, invited a few designers to participate in their Creativity 4 Circularity competition. Designers are asked to design future product service system solutions around the Napapijri product line that embraces circular economy and sustainability. Our team of 3 developed the service: We.Redo. We won second place in the competition.


November 2019 - February 2019

(4 months)


User Experience, Visual Design, Service Design, User Research, User Journey Mapping


This project was for the Napapijri "Creativity 4 Circularity" competition, embracing circular economy and developing solutions to pioneer future and more sustainable ways of producing Napapijri garments. The project challenge is to imagine new solutions for their future customers, starting from their Napapijri Infinity Jacket. We chose to focus on Napapijri’s Gen Z female market and how we can help disadvantaged women who lack the support and tools to feel empowered and motivated. 

How can we help disadvantaged women, who lack the support and tools, feel empowered, motivated and become part of the project’s mission towards sustainable and social impact in fashion circularity? 


01. Current clothing systems are unsustainable

The current system for producing, distributing, and using clothing operates on a wasteful "make and dispose of" model and contributes 

10% of global gas emissions. It is estimated that some garments are discarded after just seven to ten wears. How do we keep products and materials in longer use?


02. Gen Z and the power of young female activists

We focused on Gen Z users of Napapijri and discovered that Gen Z females are the most active when it comes to social change and sustainable activism but lack the tools they need. According to Napapijri, its market is predominantly male (70% male; 30% female). Therefore, we want to focus on Napapijri’s female market and help disadvantaged women who lack the support and tools to feel empowered and motivated. 


WE.REDO is a product and service that focuses on extending the product life of Napapijri’s Infinity Jacket through transparent and sustainable practices while providing opportunities for disadvantaged females to become part of the brand’s mission towards sustainable and social impact.


We.Redo offers three services: We.Care, We.Design and We.Women. The service can be accessed on the We.Redo app. Our services not only offer product care and upcycling of garments but also offer opportunities in education, mentorship, and creative platforms for women to build their confidence, strengthen their leadership skills and stimulate their creativity. 

Home & Profile


Our goal was to create an innovative service for Napapijri's Infinity Jacket based on the principles of the circular economy. Based on our survey and research on the Gen Z market, sustainability and social innovation are important values when it comes to committing to a brand or company. They seek transparent and impactful experiences that affect their habits and behaviors. Therefore, our We.Redo service:

01. Helps the Napapijri brand refocus its values towards sustainability and social impact

02. Build transparent relationships and encourage good consumption behaviors from Napapijri users

03. Engage Gen Z users in Napapijri's Infinity Jacket development process (offline and online channels)

Not only does the We.Redo service extends the product life of Napapijri’s Infinity Jacket, but also supports and builds a diverse community of strong women who work, motivate and educate each other about the importance of environmental and social impact for the future.

Product Journey

Applying the principles of Circular Economy, We.Redo adopts a new service system that focuses on reducing, reusing, and repairing Nappaijri's product lines. The current Napapijri product cycle already focused on extending the life cycle of their Infinity Jacket, but We.Redo enhances the existing cycle by presenting a new alternative way to access goods, new business models, and unique services that enrich the product. 



Due to Covid, we were unable to present our project to Napapijri in February. Instead, we submitted our project online. In the end, our project won second place, receiving Napapijri merchandise and certification.

My Role

Our team of 3 spent 4 months on this competition project. Preliminary research, story-telling, and presentations were divided among the 4 of us. I was mostly responsible for developing We.Redo's service and digital app. 



01. Product Thinking

Sustainability was one of the top business metrics for Napapijri. Napapijri's goal was to rethink and design for the future of garments, encouraging their users to practice sustainability and circular economy. We.Redo greatest strengths are focusing on sustainability and social impact. The service requires various businesses, social organizations, and institutions to create circular activities. Napapijri awarded us second place, saying that We.Redo is feasible and can see how We.Redo can be integrated with Napapijir's sustainability strategy.

02. Visual Design

Our team chose the colors black and bright pink to represent We.Redo. It highlights the service's vision: a bright, bold, and confident future. The two colors are represented throughout the visual design of the We.Redo app and branding. The app itself was created on Adobe XD. The first iteration was designed for iOS, but no OS guidelines were followed. The second iteration was designed for Android and followed the Material Guidelines by Google. I worked with exiting pattern libraries and resources to redesign the UI.


01. Adjusting and adapting to uncertainty, especially due to uncontrollable events such as Covid. Because Covid hit Italy in January, our team had to work remotely and were unable to pitch our project at the Napapijri offices.

02. Communication and working around everyone's busy schedule was difficult since this project took place at the same time as our academics at Politecnico.

Future goals

01. Better team time-management

02. Simplify the service - build out the MVP and business roadmap.

03. User testing and more case study and market research 

How does We.Redo work?

We.Redo service has three main offerings: We.Care, We.Redesign and We.Women Fund. All three offerings are accessed on the app. The three services contribute towards extending the product life of Napapijri's Infinity Jacket and supporting women to become part of the brand's mission



To encourage customers to keep their Infinity Jackets longer, We.Care offers repair-and-wash services to Infinity Jacket. We.Redo offers training (organized by non-profit partners) and employment opportunities for underprivileged female immigrants to be part of the We.Care service.


We.Redesign project involves the Infinity Jacket take-back program and recreates the Infinity Jacket by deconstructing the existing patterns and reconstructing them into a new product without wasting energy. This project provides visibility and opportunity for Napapijri users and underprivileged females to be part of sustainable and social impact in fashion circularity. The female participants are supported and mentored by We.Care workers to help recreate the jacket. The redesigned collection will be resold in Napapijri stores during the collection launch. Proceeds will go towards the We.Women Fund.


We.Women fund helps build transparency and trust among female communities through volunteering and donating for sustainable and social causes. We partner with non-profits to support disadvantaged females and females from underprivileged backgrounds by providing financial support for them to become leaders of future change. Our We.Redo services support the We.Women funds by providing education, mentorship, and creative platforms for women to build their confidence, strengthen their leadership skills, and stimulate their creativity. 


Track Napapijri Jacket







Prototype process

Iteration 1:

The first iteration of the We.Redo app was built for iOS. Because of the short time frame, I first created the wireframes on Adobe XD and then developed the high-fidelity prototype. I knew that I needed to redesign the app for the second iteration and follow the interface guidelines.

Weredo_Old app_A.png






Weredo_full app flow.png

Iteration 2:

In the second iteration, I followed the Material Design Guidelines to rebuild the app on Adobe XD. I simplified the contents on the home and profile page and discarded unnecessary graphics in the background. The combination of bottom navigation and tabs can be confusing for the users. Therefore, getting rid of the navigation bar and moving the contents under the navigation menu icon instead would be a secondary option presented during A/B testing.




View live prototype here

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