I was responsible for redesigning the KetoDiet app for Android. As the sole designer, I worked with the developer to design the Onboarding and redesign the Planner page. The Onboarding A/B test results showed a 30% increase in user retention.


October 2020 - January 2021

(4 months)


Design Lead, User Experience, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Prototyping


Before (Planner page)

After (Planner renamed to Diary page)

Artboard 3@4x-100.jpg

KetoDiet is a low-carb app that helps users adopt a healthier lifestyle. The app helps you learn how to reduce your carbohydrate intake and build a good healthy balanced diet by following a whole foods-based approach. A healthy low-carb diet is an effective weight-loss tool to help keep blood sugar levels stable and appetite under control. I was contacted by the KetoDiet Android app developer and given the task to create the app Onboarding and redesign the app's Planner page. As the sole designer, I worked closely with the developer to defined business goals, reviewed wireframes and prototypes (created on Figma), discussed the release plan, and conducted A/B testing.

Success Metrics:

  • Improve user retention

  • Increase subscription conversion rates

  • Improve discoverability

Changes made on the Planner page for the initial release in December:

  • Rename "Planner" to "Diary"

  • Make the  Diary page the home page when users launch the app

  • Update UI (graphics) for Goals, Activity, and Mood section

  • Change Body Stats and Readings section into UI cards. Each card will hold contents related to measurement progress, a description of measurement, and a list of all measurements. 

Onboarding plan for A/B testing in December:

  • Confirm user preferences under settings, such as units (oz or grams)

  • Input personal details and set up goals

  • Offer an option for "Meal Reminders" notifications

  • Formulate a recommended personal diet plan

  • Show subscription plans 

So far, 879 users participated in the A/B testing for the onboarding. Here are the key takeaways so far:

  • Positive: 30% increase in user retention (users stay on the app for day 4 and beyond)

  • Negative: 50% fewer sales with 6% fewer views on the subscription screen since it is being shown at the end of the onboarding. 17% less starting the purchase flow. 

Future goals:

  • Keep running the Onboarding A/B test for a longer time

  • Move user onboarding into a call-to-action card under the Diary page. Therefore, we provide the users the option to launch the onboarding whenever they need it.

User onboarding

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