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Hi, I'm Chelsea Fu

I'm a Product Designer with knowledge in User Experience, Service, and System Design thinking. Before, I studied Accessory Design at Parsons and worked as a Footwear Designer in the fashion industry for 3 years. I enjoy building and shipping physical products, but found myself asking, “Why am I designing this?”, “How does this impact people and society?" and "What can I do to improve this?" So I shifted gears. I wanted to take a more human-centered approach towards design, innovation, and technology. So I packed my bags, moved from NYC to Italy, and obtained my Master of Science Degree in Product Service System Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Now, I am ready to take on new opportunities and use my skills to help build products and services that make a net-positive impact on society. My favorite part of the design process is seeing the impact of the results help shape the way people live, behave, feel and connect with the world. 

Learn more (-:

My non-linear design process




Fun facts

Born in Califonia 🏄 
Bachelors in New York City🗽 
Masters in Italy 🇮🇹
Worked in Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Played volleyball (almost professionally) 🏐 
Active snowboarder 🏂
Went skydiving in 2014 🪂

Current brain food

If you love adventure, outer space topics, boba, snowboarding, want to practice Italian, play volleyball, or just chat...

feel free to drop me a message! 😊

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