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Streamlining the market access planning process

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Reimagining the market access planning process by building an internal analytics-focused tool that analyzes complex data into better strategy and business outputs

Medix (client name changed for confidentiality) is a medical manufacturer with the goal to improve Medix's market access planning process. My role was to build the end-to-end design and user experience of the two web tools.

My role
UX/Product Design, Design Strategy, Interaction Design, User Research, User Testing


Designers (2), product owners, data analysts, engineers, content/industry experts




Build a best-in-class product that manages Medix's end-to-end access planning, including advanced market access analytics, to generate deeper insights and align decision-making across teams.

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  • Complex planning process and disorganized data structure

  • Disaggregated granular level of data that requires manual work causing inconsistent levels of insights and outputs

  • Data tracking is complex and hard to discuss customer strategies across siloed teams that manage their own brands

  • Inconsistent level of insight and outputs across brands 



Customer insights tool: focuses on analyzing market performance and customer behavior data to predict decision-making and improve market access strategy and customer planning

Design two user-centric web tools to power Medix's new process

Modeling tool: focuses on generating assumptions and models to standardize business outputs

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The impact

  • More granular insights and modeling

  • Improve productivity and efficiency in the process


In order to build the best-in-class product, our team collected feedback from Medix's internal analytics team (the users) and involved them throughout our entire build process – validating their workflow, prioritizing features, and testing design usability and visuals.

3 months

Help Medix users understand their end-to-end work process across their teams and identify their pain points and needs.


Data analysts, content experts, designers

My responsibilities

  • Conduct user interviews to understand work process, pain points and needs

  • Organize ideation workshop to validate work process

  • Test concepts with users to establish the product and prioritize feature before build phase

3 months

Week 1: Strategy 

Prioritize features to build and validate the calculation logic of data that feeds into the engines


Data analysts, content experts,  designers, POs

My responsibilities

  • Advise on designs, test mockups and new concepts 

  • Collaborate with content experts to better understand client's work flow, map out user flow for the product and design the correct data visualization that communicate the correct strategy/logic

  • Conduct weekly concept testing, user interviews and prototype testing

Week 2: Design

Design and test high fidelity prototypes (and the feature's usability) with core users to sign-off on key flows, screens, usability, and visualizations 


Designers, POs

My responsibilities

  • Manage the entire product design and UX for both engines products

  • Set up design library and frameworks for Medix (and our working team) to use as guidelines for product build (e.g. standardize color, type and accessibility)

  • Act as a knowledge translator and design educator between our working teams

  • Communicate the design vision across multi-functional teams, from wireframes to low-high fidelity prototypes

  • Collaborate closely with developers to handoff designs and advance designs to porduction delivery through agile process.

Week 3: Develop/Build

Engine's calculated logic, prioiritized features and high-fidelity prototype are passed to the engineer team for development.


Product team - designers, engineers, POs, data analysts, content experts

My responsibilities

  • Work closely with dev team to solve for design and tech bugs

  • Conduct functional testing and user acceptance testing by conducting journey level test to ensure product meets user stories and business requirements


Along with our team’s design director, I built this new product for Medix from the ground up, establishing foundations, a design system library, and testing the usability of product features. 

Product assets include:

  • Define Medix's color palette and accessibility guidelines

  • Establish frameworks for tooltips, error states, toast banner

  • Define frameworks for Medix's data visualizations (e.g. charts, tables, graphs)

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