Gea Gomma is a market leader in manufacturing calendared natural rubber since 1952. they provide natural rubber soles for 5 finalists at arsutoria, in order to create a second prototype of sneakers. i was chosen as one of the five finalists to create a second pair, while managing to finish my first prototype. I decided to create a comfort product, since my first prototype was really sexy, elegant, and luxurious. my sneaker consisted of a velcro padded opening that allowed easy access and comfort for the customer. i also wanted to experiment with textiles, using synthetics, wool felt, and laces. i still wanted to capture the sense of luxury, therefore i used materials such as split leather. i had a lot of fun designing the sneaker for gea gomma, and although i did not win first place, i am grateful to have been selected as the top finalists to enter the competition! 


ROUgh sketches of our final prototypes were done at the same time the gea gomma sneaker sketches were due. we have been constantly doing patterns throughout the school year that it was nice to start sketching creatively on potential shoe designs.


bruno, silio, & andrea also lasted our gea gomma sneakers. bruno & silio flawlessly lasted the uppers & buffed the soles for a smooth bottom for the gea gomma rubber soles. we cut the insole, sock lining & foxing rubber ourselves, while andrea helped us glue the sole & foxing! the technician team is so amazing & i thank them as well! grazie a tutti!

gea gomma & arsutoria finalists

congrats to lina for placing first for the gea gomma competition!


after narrowing down the sketches into about 5 final drawings, gea gomma decided to chose this sketch as one of the five finalists for the competition. 

final gea gomma proto

my final gea gomma sneaker & certificate presented by the company. although i did not place first, i am truly grateful to have been chosen as one of the finalists! my classmates are super talented, and it has been an honor to experience it with them.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 1.11.48 AM.png


the amazing & talented adriana, not only stiched our class final proto,  but also stitched all the geo gomma sneakers. she is a super woman! i can not thank her enough for all her hard work and kindness! grazie adriana!

gea gomma presentation

before the winner announcement, the gea gomma company did a quick presentation about the company.

gea gomma certification